Print Audits

What is a Print Audit?

A Print Audit is a review of your past printing projects and future printing needs.  The goal of a print audit is to find ways to save money (and time) on printing while maintaing quality and timelines.

What is a Print Audit for?

A Print Audit is a great way to find inefficiencies in your print buying process.  Such inefficiences might include poor vendor fit, over-priced printing, redunant printing, or problematic paper stock or print size.  These inefficiencies can lead to bloated print budgets, slower turn-around times, and general frustration.

Do I need a Print Audit?

Many different types of organizations can benefit from a Print Audit.  Larger companies, marketing agencies, communications departments, not-for-profits, schools, and large churches are organizations most likely to benefit from a Print Audit.

Generally, we feel that a Print Audit is most appropriate for organizations that print on a somewhat regular basis– at least three print jobs a quarter–and that tend to spend more than $500 on many of their projects.  Organizations that fit this profile often find that they can save money (and time) with a Print Audit.

What will I need for a Print Audit?

If you are interested in a Print Audit, you might want to begin collecting the needed information.  We will need:

  • A list of print projects from the past year,
  • Specs for those projects, including quantity, size, color, bleeds, paper stock, and finishing or fulfillment services,
  • Samples of the above projects, if available,
  • Amount spent on each project (with vendor information, if that can be provided),
  • A list of anticipated future projects, with specs if available.

OK, so how much does a Print Audit cost?

Rates for a Print Audit through Rover Graphics are very affordable.  We also guarentee that, if we do an audit, and if we cannot save you at least as much money as the cost of the audit over the course of the year, we will refund your money.

In other words, Print Audits are win-win for you, the customer.

How do I get a Print Audit?

Contact us today to schedule a Print Audit initial meeting: (314) 862-2296, or email

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