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Banding sometimes occurs with digital print projects. Banding appears as horizontal lines or “bands” of discoloration. It tends to happen with large areas of color, especially lighter colors or areas with a gradation. Although banding is difficult to get rid … Continue reading

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Answer to: A Color Puzzle

Thanks to everyone who gave Rover’s Color Puzzle a whirl! The correct answers to the puzzle were: A, B, B.  (You can verify these on Pantone’s website).  Congratulations to Mary Ann Russum of Build-A-Bear for getting all answers correct– and … Continue reading

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A Color Puzzle from Rover

Normally, the term “PMS” would send most friends and colleagues fleeing the room.  But in the world of printing, PMS is a valuable tool.  The term stands for “Print Matching System”– a system of standards for making sure that the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This is a blog for printing tips, print industry news, business musings, and other canine cogitations. This is also the blog where Rover himself will post his regular riddles– and the answers, if you are good. But, for now, we’ll … Continue reading

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