A Color Puzzle from Rover

Normally, the term “PMS” would send most friends and colleagues fleeing the room.  But in the world of printing, PMS is a valuable tool.  The term stands for “Print Matching System”– a system of standards for making sure that the color you want is the color you get.

Very handy for keeping you company’s logo color consistent every time.

Although PMS colors are usually referred to by number, some PMS colors have garnered interesting names.  See if you can match the following PMS names with the correct color swatch:

PMS 14-0848: “Mimosa”

A.  B.

PMS 14-6329: “Absinthe Green”

A.  B.

18-1664: “Fiery Red”

A.  B.

If you’re color vocabulary is up-to-date, this should be no problem. But, if your idea of color comes from a crayola 16-crayon box, don’t feel too bad– after all, as a dog Rover himself is practically color blind!

If you have the answer, add a comment below!  Every correct answer will earn 10% off on a single print order*, so don’t forget to give us your contact information.  We will also select one correct answer at random to receive the monthly grand prize.  Answers will be revealed at the end of the month.

* Maximum discount of $200.  Good for print orders placed before April 30th– sorry, not valid on previously placed orders.

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5 Responses to A Color Puzzle from Rover

  1. 1. A
    2. A
    3. B
    At least that is the way it makes sense to me. :-)


  2. Mary Ann Russum says:

    1. A
    2. B
    2. B

  3. Hi -Could the answer be B,B, and B? And, is it really Pantone Matching System? Not, Print Matching System? (Just cruious about the origins…thought PMS was rom Pantone). Would love to get the discount either way! Please let me know.
    Thank you.


  4. Ashley Cade says:

    Hi Cathy -
    Mimosa – B.
    Absinthe Green – B.
    Fiery Red – B.

    Hope it;s right!

    Ashley Cade

  5. Susan Spitz says:

    I don’t know the answer to the puzzle but as a business coach I wanted to give you kudos on a clever idea for your e-newsletter – a contest/puzzle! It changed my thinking and caused me to read it. Since I don’t know how i got on your email list i was first going to read it and unsubscribe.

    So good job – you got my attention!

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