Answer to: A Location Puzzle

For looking up the answer to this month’s puzzle, Rover is offering you a 10% discount on your next print order through Rover Graphics. Simply mention the “Location Puzzle” when you order. (Must be placed at time of order; Maximum discount of $200; Offer good through 8/31/2009).

Now, on to the answers:

1. (E) Russia.  The Eastern-most point of Russia is close to the Western-most point of Alaska, which is a US state.

2. Canada (if you don’t beleive Rover, check a map!)

3. Maine.

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2 Responses to Answer to: A Location Puzzle

  1. scrabblehound says:

    Unfortunately, the answer to #2 is incorrect. I think it should be Cuba or Honduras. Just trying to keep you on your toes, er, paws!

  2. towlhaus says:

    The answer to #2 is correct… if the question were phrased correctly. There is a part of Canada that juts under Michigan. But you would have to fly south of Detroit, not Lansing, to pass over it. Good catch!

    Also, for other doubters, #1 is correct… Russia is the closest country to the U.S., via the Bering strait to Alaska. The gap between the eastern-most tip of Russia and the Western-most tip of Alaska is actually smaller than the gap between Cuba and Florida. Remember Sara Palin’s claim, that she could see Russia from her backyard? Not literally true, but not that far off either!