Answer to: A Quotable Puzzle

The following quote is *not* attributable to Ben Franklin:

#3: “We must learn to live together as brothers or we are going to perish together as fools.”

This was actually said by Martin Luther King, Jr.

But, whether or not you got our puzzle right, you have received a 10% discount on your next print order through Rover Graphics. Simply mention the “Quotable Puzzle” when you order. (Must be placed at time of order; Maximum discount of $200; Offer good through 7/31/2009).

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2 Responses to Answer to: A Quotable Puzzle

  1. Oooh! You kept me on my toes on that one. I like the puzzle idea and also like that I can get to the answer right away. :-)

  2. towlhaus says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Something else you might not know: if it weren’t for money and wine, we wouldn’t have printing presses. Can you guess what the connection is there?